Sliding Door Handle Repair and Replacement

If your door handle is not working properly, it can ruin the ease of having a sliding door in the first place. Door handle efficiency can deteriorate over time due to wear and use. For a seamless and hassle-free handle repair and replacement, you need experts who knows what is needed to get your handle back to its original glory. By reaching out to us, one of our technicians can arrive to you and quickly make the changes necessary to your door handle issue.

Door handle functionality is likely to deteriorate over time. Handles can become loose, difficult to unlatch, or stiff to turn. Most handles used exposed screws facing towards the inner room, but some models use the “hidden” screw method that can be difficult to replace. Dealing with door issues can be annoying, and attempting to diy the solution can lead to bigger and more expensive repairs down the road. Wherever you are from Ventura County, Orange County to San Diego County our experts at Dr. Slide-Door can come to you and fix all your sliding doors issues without you needing to move a finger.

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